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Alcohol Ink "Wrapping" Techique

Alcohol Ink "Wrapping" Techique

You’ve worked with alcohol inks before but have you tried this technique? It’s called wrapping. You use plastic wrap to create crystal like details to a coffee mug, bowl, or tumbler!

What you need:

  • Coffee Mug 
  • Plastic Wrap 
  • Paper Towel 
  • Rubbing Alcohol (for clean up)
  • Alcohol Inks 
  • Clear Sealant (glaze or dishwasher safe Mod Podge)


Step one:

Protect your surface and put one sheet of plastic wrap down.

Step two:

Place your coffee cup in the middle of the plastic wrap

Step three:

Take your colors of your inks and drop around the base of your cup.

Step four:

Lift up the plastic and tuck it over the opening of your mug to secure the plastic wrap, press the plastic wrap.

step five:

Let ink dry about 24 hours, when dry peel in a downward direction. 

Step six:

Seal your new cup with a dishwasher safe mod podge or clear glaze!


Your mug is going to have all these beautiful swirls, mountains and crystal looking details that comes from the plastic wrap. It’s important to let the ink dry 100% before taking off the plastic wrap otherwise the details will start to smudge. 

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