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Unicorn Spit Dutch Pour

Unicorn Spit Dutch Pour

Unicorn Spit is such a unique formula of paint, stain, and glaze all in one. It is so versatile and can be used on many different surfaces. From wood, to glass, to metal the options are endless. But my favorite is the pouring method on canvas.  The movement of the Unicorn Spit on the canvas while pouring is unlike any other paint I’ve worked with. And the vibrance of each color is fantastic!  So let me show you how I created a monarch-colored inspired canvas wall art with unicorn spit and a dutch pour! 

Click the link below to watch on YouTube! 


Here is a link to the unicorn spit paint I used on this project! 

Phoenix Fire 

White Ning

Midnight's Blackness

Molly Red Pepper

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