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Getting To Know Alcohol Inks!

Getting To Know Alcohol Inks!

So let's talk alcohol inks! 

What are Alcohol Inks? 

Alcohol inks are alcohol based inks that you paint with. A fun and different alternative to water color painting. The ink is fast drying and great for hard surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic, stone, etc. but also surfaces like Yupo Paper. They can be mixed with resin to create tumblers, coasters, and canvas decor. Alcohol inks are permeant and beautiful! 

What supplies do you need to get started? 

- Alcohol Ink 
- Yupo paper 
- Blending solution or (hand make your own, 99.9% rubbing alcohol) 
- Tools to move ink around (straw, sponge, or pipette) 

look for our next blog: Creating with Alcohol Inks 

It is recommended while working with Alcohol inks, that you should be in a well ventilated area or wear a respiratory mask for protection.


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