Tim Holtz Tonic Tool Set - Paper Distresser, Retractable Knife, Retractable Craft Pick, Pixiss Adhesive Eraser and Tweezers

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  • Tim Holtz Paper Distresser
  • This paper distresser has a Kushgrip center for comfort when distressing paper, cardstock or even cutting fibers and threads. There are 7 sharp, recessed edges which makes it safe and easy to use.
  • Tim Holtz Retractable Knife with two blades
  • The knife features a retractable blade for safe transport and Kushgrip handles for comfort.


Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Pick

The pick features a retractable point for safe transport. The Kushgrip handles are perfect for comfortable crafting.


Pixiss Adhesive Eraser and Tweezer