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Testors Amazing Air Airbrush Paint kit, 1, Multicolor

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Amazing Air Activity Set is a simple to use airbrush system that you can use on just about anything from models to craft projects. The set includes 5 cool acrylic colors.
  • Sprays smoothly for great coverage on wood, plastic, metal, paper, canvas and more
  • System mixes paint and air outside of airbrush, so only the clip cap requires cleaning after use
  • Features and easy-to-use snap on paint bottle design for fast color switching
  • Includes enough propellant to complete several small projects
  • Kit includes: ergonomic A220 airbrush; five clip caps; flame stencil; propellant can; five 1/4 oz. Testors acrylic paint bottles (Rad Red, Screamin' Yellow, Blazin' Blue, White, Black)