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Sewing Machine Threader and Inserter Needle Threader for Hand Sewing by Pixiss, 4X Bobbin Clip Holder Clamps to Keep for Embroidery Quilting Sewing Easy Threader Needle Threaders

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The Pixiss Easy Sewing Machine Threader is a wonderful tool for anybody looking to sew. Our Needle threader for sewing machine is made to make inserting needles and threads a ton easier!
  • ✅ SEWING MACHINE NEEDLE THREADER INSERTER TOOL - Pixiss Machine Needle Inserter and Threader reduces eye strain and threads needles quickly. Compare to Dritz 253 Machine Needle Inserter & Threader. This needle inserter holds the needle steady for easy insertion and removal from the machine and is ideal for specialty threads. Wide range of usages: it is suitable for all kinds of household multifunctional sewing machines without automatic threading, meanwhile, some old sewing machines can also use
  • ✅ BOBBIN CLAMPS - Pixiss Bobbin Holder Clamps Thread Saver Set Hugs Bobbins & Prevents Thread Unwinding. Prevent bobbin thread tails from unwinding & tangling with each other, and ensure a neat storage & organization of bobbins – our bobbin clamps tightly hug the threads & prevent loose ends from creating a mess that could consume hours of efforts. Make your sewing experience more fun, hassle-free & mess-free with these incredibly thoughtful accessories!
  • ✅ NEEDLE INSERTER - Compatible with Singer, Serger, Clover, Dritz and other major brands making our sewing machine threading machine a great pickup!
  • ✅ AUTO NEEDLE THREADER - Ideal for specialty threads. Automatic needle threader for hand sewing reduces eye strain. Threads needles quickly. This will work for threading and inserting needles on any home sewing machine. Comparable to Dritz needle threader.
  • ✅ NEEDLE THREADER FOR HAND SEWING - Use the threader to insert your thread in to your sewing needles.