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Add a touch of cosmic sparkle to your creative projects with Ranger Industries Stickles Glitter Gel in Super Nova. This dazzling glitter gel is designed to bring a brilliant, star-like shimmer to any craft. Perfect for scrapbook enthusiasts, card makers, and mixed media artists, this easy-to-use gel offers both precision and versatility. Key Features: Vibrant Super Nova Shade: Imbued with the vibrant hues of a starburst, the Super Nova shade is perfect for adding a dynamic and eye-catching sparkle. Fine Glitter Particles: The gel contains finely milled glitter, ensuring a smooth application and an even, consistent shimmer. Easy-to-Use Formula: With its user-friendly consistency, the gel glides effortlessly onto various surfaces, allowing for precision even in detailed work. Quick Drying: Designed to set quickly, Stickles Glitter Gel minimizes smudging and allows your projects to shine without long waiting times. Versatile Application: Ideal for paper, fabric, wood, and more, it’s the perfect addition to a wide array of crafting projects. Top Benefits: Enhances Creativity: Unleash your artistic potential by adding a unique sparkle to scrapbooks, greeting cards, or home décor items. Adds Dimension: The gel not only adds glitter but also a subtle texture, giving your projects a more dynamic and tactile quality. Safe and Non-Toxic: Craft with peace of mind knowing the product is safe for all ages and skill levels. Long-Lasting Sparkle: The durable formula ensures your creations maintain their lustrous shine over time. With the Ranger Industries Stickles Glitter Gel in Super Nova, transforming your projects into celestial masterpieces is just a stroke away. Whether for personal crafting or as a thoughtful gift for a creative friend, this glitter gel is a must-have in every crafter's toolkit.