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PIXISS Resin Alphabet Molds Bundle

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  • Reverse Alphabet Mold: Our large resin mold has 26 letters and 10 numbers, and is made of high-quality and durable silicon. The mold is 12x16". Each letter is approximately 1.5x1.5".

  • Pixiss Diamond Resin: Pixiss perfectly clear epoxy resin. Non-toxic low odor, self leveling and high gloss. With a temperature resistance of 150°C/300°F Pixiss diamond resin is perfect for coasters, ashtrays and more. 8 ounce set. 4 fl. oz part A and 4 fl. oz. part B.

  • Resin Decoration Accessories Kit: Includes epoxy mixing kit, supplies and other resin stuff. 2X 10ml syringes, 10X 3ml pipettes, 10X 1oz disposable plastic cups, 20X 6-inch Pixiss wood mixing sticks, needle nose tweezers, 10X finger cots, 15x11" silicone mat, 2X 1oz small silicone pouring cups, 3X pairs of large gloves.

  • Easy to Use: The silicone alphabet mold is smooth and clean, simply add resin and decorations into the letter mold, then push the other side of the mold and resin comes out smoothly when it’s cured.

  • Easy to Clean: Hand wash the mold with soap water and let it air dry after use.