Pixiss Face Paint Kit for Kids and Professionals with 13 Pack Reusable Face Stencils

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🌸 FACE PAINTING KITS FOR KIDS - Pixiss 12x 10ml each classic colors face paints for kids and professionals. This water activated face paint makes for easy application and easy removal. Non-toxic, Water Based, Hypo Allergenic, Paraben Free, FDA Compliant.

🌸 13 FACE PAINT STENCILS - 13 Pixiss Reusable Face Painting Stencils. There are 13 different designs in this facepainting kit with stencils and brushes. Create amazing face makeup, tattoo designs and more with these face paint stencils for kids. Each stencil is thin and flexible. Approximately 5x10 inches each. Designed to protect the eyes from possible over-spray.

🌸 INTERCHANGEABLE FACE PAINT STENCIL DESIGNS - The specific contour of each stencil also allows the face painting stencils to be used individually or in combinations with other face painting stencils for unique makeup designs.

🌸 STENCILS FOR FACE PAINTING - Pixiss face stencils for kids face painting are completely reusable. Use a face paint stencil over and over and just wash it off when your done.

🌸 PROFESSIONAL FACE PAINTING KITS - Pixiss face painting kits and stencils are professional quality but for everyday use. Make your next kids party a blast with this face painting kit.