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PIXISS Box Resin Molds Bundle

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High Quality Molds: You get heart shape mold, hexagon storage box mold, and square epoxy molds!

Easy to Use: The silicone alphabet mold is smooth and clean, simply add resin and decorations into the letter mold, then push the other side of the mold and resin comes out smoothly when it’s cured.

Easy to Clean: Hand wash the mold with soap water and let it air dry after use.
Curing Time: Be sure to let the resin cure in order to ensure that you get a smooth and sturdy finished product! Do not try to rush the curing with a heat gun as you may damage the molds!

Great Gift Idea: Not only can you gift this set to somebody who loves to do resin casting, or somebody who is new to it, you can also gift a finished set for your friends and family to use as a key chain!