Pixiss 54 Color XL Mica Powder Bundle - Soap Making Dye, Resin Tinting Pigment, 10x 1-Ounce Disposable Graduated Plastic Cups, Pixiss Mixing Sticks, 2X 100ml Silicone Measuring Cups, 2X 10ml Syringes

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Pixiss 54 Color XL Mica Powder For Resin Bundle. The mica powders can be used to tint resin or for soap making dye. 54 resin tinting pigment colors. The most colors of any mica powder available. Also included is a Pixiss Resin Mixing Kit with 10x 1-Ounce disposable graduated plastic cups, Pixiss resin mixing sticks, 2X 100ml silicone resin measuring cups, 2x 10ml syringes and 3x 10ml pipettes.