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Pinata Alcohol Ink 4-Ounce, Pixiss 20ml Needle Tip Applicator Bottle and Funnel, Bundle for Yupo and Resin

The perfect alcohol ink combination bundle includes Jacquard Pinata Blanco White Color 4oz with a 20ml Needle Tip Applicator Bottle and 1.5 Inch Funnel. This is the perfect companion for Yupo paper and resin tinting.
  • ✳️ PINATA ALCOHOL INK - Blanco White Alcohol Ink by Jacquard, professional and versatile ink that produces color-saturated and acid-free results, 4 fluid ounces, Made in the USA. Beautiful color that is acid-free and transparent.
  • ✳️ PIXISS APPLICATOR BOTTLE - 20ml (0.68oz) semi-clear applicator bottle with a needle tip for precision use. Flexible rubber cap fits tight over the applicator needle to keep your ink from drying out or spilling.
  • ✳️ PIXISS FUNNEL - 1.5 inch plastic funnel for pouring the larger 4oz ounce alcohol ink in to smaller bottles.
  • ✳️ MORE INK - Get 4 ounces of alcohol ink for not much more than a 0.5 ounce bottle with Jacquard's new 4 ounce bottles. The perfect solution for your resin tinting or Yupo paper creations.
  • ✳️ 8X - Eight times the ink than the smaller bottles. Squeezable needle tip bottle can be filled over and over. Get other colors to make your own alcohol ink mixes.