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OLFA 1071798 QR-6S 6-1/2-Inch Square Frosted Advantage Acrylic Ruler

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OLFA Frosted Advantage 6.5x6.5 Square Acrylic Ruler is non-slip for stable and safe cutting. Frosted back with black grid lines for clarity on light- and dark-material. The large bold black numbers are easy to read. The ruler has black grid lines at every inch, dotted black lines mark the half-inch and black tick marks along the solid line mark the quarters and eights. The frosted back grips in place for safe, stable cutting but repositioning for small adjustments. Small enough to tuck in your tote, yet has all the advantages of a larger ruler. Excellent for squaring up blocks and marking and cutting patchwork and miniature quilts. Great for using as a template to mark and cut triangles and photos. For right- and left-handed use. Hole for convenient hanging. Available in 8 sizes. This package contains one 6.5x6.5 inch ruler. QR-6S, 1071798. Imported.

Frosted Advantage Non-Slip Acrylic Ruler Featuring Black Measurements On Transparent Surface That Is Non-Slip for Extra Stability And Safety While Cutting
  • Designed for right and left-handed users
  • Great for squaring up corners, and cutting patchwork and miniature quilts
  • Special marked grid lines for accuracy and precision
  • Frosted backing allows for easy reading on dark, light or patterned materials
  • Non-slip features are manufactured into the ruler and will not wear off over time