Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter 9 Pack (Sunny Side, Alaskan Blue, Blue Opal, Prickly Pear, Desert Sun, Night Fever, Ivory Sands, Red Carpet, Crystal Cloud Circles-Confetti)

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  • The 35ml bottle and wide lid makes pouring any excess glitter back in a breeze making sure you're all set for next time. The amazing holographic glitter has a shimmering finish which is perfect for stencils as well as using with other mediums to add new glistening dimensions to your designs. By combining with the range of Nuvo Glues, you can incorporate fine detail or cover larger areas of your project.

Sunny Side

Alaskan Blue

Blue Opal

Prickly Pear

Desert Sun

Night Fever

Ivory Sands

Red Carpet

Crystal Cloud Circles- (Confetti)