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Miyuki Delica Seed Beads Bundle: Size 11/0, Berry Patch Palette Collection DB281, DB908, DB1341

by Miyuki
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Since 1949, Miyuki has been producing world-class seed beads. Perhaps most famous for their Delicas—those perfectly uniform tubular-shaped seed beads that make uber precise bead weaving possible—Miyuki is also the creator of Tila beads, baroque pearl seed beads, berry beads, and more. There are approximately 1400 size 11 Delica beads per 7 gram tube. Although Delica dye lots are relatively stable, some variations may occur. If your beadwork project requires a large quantity of a single color, we recommend that you buy the full quantity at one time. For picture-perfect beadwork, Miyuki Delica seed beads are the best choice! Delica seed beads, made by Miyuki of Japan, are known for their uniform tubular shape and hypnotizing color palette, making them ideal for peyote stitches. Their large holes graciously accommodate multiple passes of thread for your loom and off-loom beading projects. Approximately 1400 beads per tube