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Krylon 11 oz Uv Floral Protectant Spray, Multicolor

Capture the beauty of your floral collection using the Krylon floral ultra UV protection spray. With a clear, non-yellowing finish, this UV protection spray ensures that dried and silk flowers are protected from discoloration due to harsh UV rays. You can also use this flower preservation spray to avoid dirt and dust from settling on the petals. This 11-Ounce Krylon spray can be used both indoors and outdoors. non-yellowing, clear finish dry to handle: 2 hours dry to touch: 10-15 minutes clean up: lacquer thinner coverage: up to 20 sq. ft. recoat window: anytime application conditions: 70°f-85°f, humidity below 85Percent .
  • Floral Ultra Uv Protection Spray
  • Model Number: 7800
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Dimension: 7.8"L X 2.5"W X 2.5"H