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Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye (Raspberry)

Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye- Color: raspberry- Color code: 042- Size: 2/3 oz.Permanent, colorfast, and very washable.You can easily create a palette of brilliant colors ranging from light pastels to deep, vibrant huesPerfect for all natural fibers--cotton, rayon, linen, silk, wool, paper, reeds, and woodThese will not dye syntheticsUse for tie-dye, vat dyeing, batik, airbrush, hand painting, printing, spatter-painting, and moreThis concentrated dye, which you add to tap water, gives you brilliant color2/3 oz. jarsGenerally, use 1 tbsp. of dye per 1 pound of fabric (three to six square yards or three T-shirts)Keep dyes in a closed container in a cool, dry place and they will remain usable for several yearsThese chemicals used in the dyeing process are sold separately: Soda Ash Dye Fixer Urea , a humectant Sodium Alginate , a thickener Synthrapol , a mild soap Warehouse group number: 1373
  • PMX-1042