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GS Hypo Cement Glue for Jewelry Making (9 ml) with Stretch Magic Cord (.5mm x 10m) and Precision Tweezers - Jewelry Making Tools, Elastic String and Adhesive Bundle for Beads, Bracelets, and Necklaces

GS Cement: At the heart of GS Cement's appeal is its fine-tip applicator, offering pinpoint accuracy like no other. Whether you're working on intricate jewelry designs, assembling scale models, or tackling any other delicate task, this precise applicator ensures your adhesive goes exactly where you want it. No more messy, imprecise gluing – GS Cement puts the control in your hands. In the world of crafting, clarity matters. GS Cement's non-yellowing formula ensures that your creations remain crystal clear over time. Say goodbye to the worry of your jewelry or models losing their luster. With GS Cement, your craftsmanship stays brilliantly transparent. Jewelry makers understand the importance of secure knots, and GS Cement is here to reinforce your creations. It's the ideal solution for ensuring your knots stay locked in place, preventing accidental unraveling and adding durability to your designs. Stretch Magic Cord: Elevate your crafting projects with Stretch Magic Cord. This strong, durable, and highly stretchable cord adds a new dimension to your jewelry creations. Craft with confidence knowing that this clear elastic cord has a consistent 0.5mm diameter and comes on a 10-meter (32.8 feet) spool, offering you ample material to work your creative magic. Easy to use and knot, Stretch Magic Cord is perfect for bracelets, necklaces, and various jewelry designs. String it with pearls, gemstones, glass beads, crystal, plastic, charms, and other embellishments. Its non-fraying, latex-free design ensures a smooth finish, and for added security, you can seal it with a dab of glue. Pixiss Precision Tweezers Precision crafting demands precision tools and our high-quality needle tweezers are designed for just that. With their fine tips and needle-nose precision, you can effortlessly handle even the tiniest components and intricate details.

  • Precision at Your Fingertips - Work with fine parts effortlessly with GS Cement's fine-tip precision applicator for pinpoint accuracy. As GS Cement's non-yellowing formula ensures long-term beauty.
  • Reliable Knot Security - Trust GS Cement to keep your jewelry and knots secure, preventing accidental unraveling and adding durability. Whether it's gems or tiny model parts GS Cement has it covered.
  • Fast Tackiness, Quick Drying - Becomes tacky in 10-15 seconds providing a window for adjustments. Dries in 10-15 minutes so you can craft more quickly.
  • Array of Applications - Into jewelry making, model building, or just need to create a precise seal? GS Cement empowers you with a versatile glue and the confidence to achieve quality results.
  • Craft Compatible Cord - Suitable for bracelets, necklaces, and various jewelry designs, it's perfect for stringing pearls, gemstones, beads, and more.
  • Secure Your Creations - Effortlessly tie durable knots with this clear, easy to work with cord. Rest easy with assurance that your jewelry projects will stay intact.
  • Needle Tweezers - Our high-quality needle tweezers are designed for ultimate precision and control. The fine tips crafted with needle-nose precision allow you to handle even the tiniest components.