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GRAS Art Bundles - Renaissance Wax (65 ml) and Pixiss Polishing Pads (10x) - Jewelry Wax and Jewelry Polish Pads for Jewelry Cleaning, Tarnish Removing, Antique Finishing

Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax: Protect and preserve your valuable items with Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax. This wax is ideal for antiques and art, helping to keep them safe from fingerprints and moisture. Museums and experts trust it to care for their precious pieces. But it's not just for art. Use it on wood, metals like brass and silver, and even leather to keep them looking great. If you have old photos, books, or papers, this wax can help protect them too. Just test a small spot first. Musicians can use it to keep their instruments shiny, and collectors will love how it protects weapons, gemstones, and minerals. No matter the temperature, this wax stays consistent, making it a top choice for anyone who wants to keep their items in top shape. Pixiss Polishing Pads: Bring back the shine to your jewelry with Pixiss Polishing Pads. Over time, jewelry can lose its sparkle, but these pads make it easy to get it back. Each pad is 2 inches and has special materials that polish gently but effectively. They're great for all kinds of jewelry, from family pieces to handcrafted items. If you work with metals, you'll find these pads super useful. They can polish many types of metals and get into detailed designs easily. And the best part? They're simple to use. No mess, no fuss. Just rub your item with the pad until it shines. When the pad turns dark on both sides, grab a new one. With Shine Rite, keeping your jewelry and metals bright and shiny has never been easier.

  • Museum-Quality Protection - Favored by professionals, this wax safeguards antiques, art, and collectibles from fingerprints, moisture, and wear. Used as a museum wax for antiques, art, and more.
  • Versatile Restoration - This antique wax also works well for wood, metals, leather, and even photographs. Removes and prevents tarnishing on metals like brass and silver, ensuring a lasting shine.
  • Long-Lasting Stability - Unlike other waxes, Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax remains stable in fluctuating temperatures and doesn't discolor with age.
  • Professional Shine in Seconds - With the Pixiss Polishing Pad quickly brighten, polish, and remove tarnish from metal jewelry components, making them look brand new and professionally finished.
  • Effective Polish Pad - Designed to access recessed areas in intricate pieces, highlighting antique finishes without harming the metal. Avoids the mess of wet pads, ensuring a non-sticky, effective polish.
  • Convenient & Efficient Design - Pre-treated 2" foam squares with bonded micro-abrasives ensure thorough cleaning. Use until dark grey, then simply discard for a fresh pad.