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Floetrol Pouring Medium for Acrylic Paint | 1 Quart Bottles (2-Pack) | Flood Flotrol Additive | 20 Pixiss Wood Mixing Sticks Pouring Bundle

The perfect pouring kit. Includes 2 bottles of 1 quart Floetrol and 20 wood mixing sticks.
  • 💎FLOETROL POURING MEDIUM: Fortifies acrylic and latex paints to improve performance and reduce brush marks. Allows latex paint to spray like oil-based paint. 1 Quart Flood Floetrol additive Pouring Medium (FLD6-04) by FLOOD/PPG.
  • 💎PIXISS MIXING STICKS - 20x Pixiss Stix Mixing Sticks for mixing your resin, stain, epoxy, paint and more.
  • 💎BEAUTIFUL FLOW - Floetrol mixes with paint to allow paint to flow more freely and makes it was easier to control.
  • 💎REDUCE BRUSH AND LAP MARKS - Floetrol mixes with the paint improving it's brush-ability and leaving less marks on your piece.
  • 💎WASHABLE FORMULA - Cleans easily with just soap and warm water.