Extreme Sheen Paint Pouring Bundle DecoArt Pouring Medium 16-Ounce, Cups, 16 Extreme Sheen Paints, 5-inch Canvases, Pixiss Acrylic Pouring Oil, Mixing Sticks, Gloves, Complete Kit for Paint Pour

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  • EXTREME SHEEN - All 16 DecoArt Extreme Sheen colors in 2-ounce size. The highest sheen of any metallic paint. Uniform shimmer Made from ultra Fine pigments. Traditional metallic colors, as well as bright popular jewel tones. Enhances your craft projects to coordinate with your home decor. Premium, durable metallic finish.
  • DECOART POURING MEDIUM - Decoart DS135-65 Pouring Medium, 16oz. Create rich, vibrant pours with this fluid pouring medium. Thins paint to the ideal consistency, creates cell effects, and reduces cracking and crazing It will not slow down the drying time, alter the color, or lessen the adhesion of paint. Mix with acrylics or media fluid acrylics to create stunning effects on canvas, wood, or other art surfaces.
  • PIXISS POURING OIL - 100ml/3.3oz Pixiss Acrylic Pouring Oil. Made of 100% silicone for the perfect cells every time. Pixiss pouring oil is fully compatible with any brand and type of art medium used in acrylic fluid art pouring. 1000 cSt Low-Med viscosity. Perfectly clear colorless. Will not alter the color of your acrylic paint pouring projects. NON-TOXIC - Non-toxic and odorless. No additives, solvents or propellants. 100% pure silicone.