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EVA Foam Roll and Contact Cement Adhesive - DAP Woodweld Cement Glue (3oz) with Pixiss EVA Foam Roll 5mm x 35cm x 150cm - Versatile Contact Adhesive with Cosplay EVA Foam for Cosplay, DIY Repairs, etc

by Pixiss
With our high-quality 35cm x 150cm x 5mm foam roll, you can bring your artistic visions to life. Cut, shape, and mold the EVA foam with ease to create intricate cosplay costumes, detailed models, and more. The foam's superior density and flexibility ensures long-lasting results, while its lightweight nature allows for easy handling. Cut into EVA foam tiles, foam squares, or foam craft sheets for an array of practical purposes. Weldwood Contact Cement offers the same exceptional bonding capabilities as more established brands. Enhance your workflow without compromising quality or your wallet. Bonds well with cork, glass, paper, wood, and more. Perfect as a leather cement or shoe repair glue for mending crucial elements to your cosplay projects. Simply apply the cement to the foam and use a low heat setting on a hairdryer. Rubber cement, model cement or hot glue can lead to your foam mat strips pulling away when curved. This Contact Cement provides a durable bond with EVA Foam, ensuring that your creations stay intact and in shape under stress. Its sandable nature allows you to achieve flawless finishes and prime for painting. With this bundle, you can craft practical solutions for any project. Craft foam cosplay costumes or cut the craft foam roll into evo foam sheets for high density foam padding. Crafting with EVA Foam Sheets has never been easier, thanks to the bonding power of Contact Cement. Easy Application Process: When using any contact cement containing Toluene, work in a well-ventilated area or wear a respirator. Apply contact cement glue with brush in a thin, even layer to both pieces. Let dry until the surface is tacky but not wet. If the bond will be under pressure, apply a second layer. Bring the pieces together and apply pressure. Allow the bond to set for 24 hours before proceeding with further treatments. Reactivated by heat. Best applied after heat forming the foam.

  • Versatile Craft - Perfect for crafting and costume making. Get creative with our high-density black EVA Foam for crafts. Cut into foam sheets for foam mats for floor, packing items, and more.
  • Easy to Cut and Shape - Effortlessly create intricate designs with our flexible EVA Foam. Cut into thin foam sheets for use as packing foam sheets, foam pads for floor, cosplay foam sheets, etc.
  • Trusted by Cosplayers - Join the cosplayers who rely on our top-notch fibre craft foam for cosplay. Dense yet lightweight. Easy to cut, shape, glue, and paint.
  • Strong and Lasting Bonds - DAP Weldwood Glue creates powerful adhesion across materials like leather, laminate, glass, wood, etc. Endures external forces to securely adhere to eva craft foam.
  • Quick-Drying Wonder - With DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement, you can tackle projects efficiently. It dries fast, so you can move on to the next step in no time!
  • Professional-Grade Quality - EVA's formula results in a closed-cell, high-density structure that ensures non-absorbent properties, durability, and structural integrity for your projects.