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Color Wheel Pocket Guide with Gray Scale Value Finder - for both the amateur and professional artists by ASW

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Painting is all about the color,
And being able to correctly mix your desired colors the first time around makes the painting experience far easier and much less frustrating. This double sided color wheel visually illustrates relationships between colors and demonstrates the results of color mixing.

Simply turn the wheel
to see results of mixing 2 colors. Also identify complementary, split complementary and triadic colors. Features tints and tones, definitions of color terms and illustrations of color harmonies. Packaged in a clear plastic bag.
The grayscale tool is perfect for determining color value. Its unique tab-like cutout shapes allow easy viewing and ensure accurate readings. Use it to determine the values of black to white as well as colors. Also includes explanations and instructions on how to mix colors including darkening or lightening them. An invaluable tool for artists, teachers and students
  • Artist handy pocket sized kit
  • Both are compact and a convenient size for easy storage and easy use
  • Simply turn the wheel for easy color identification and to experiment with results of mixing 2 colors
  • Also make great educational tools with definitions and explanations
  • Dimensions: Color Wheel - 5” in diameter / Value Finder - 4”x6”