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Birdhouse Sets

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Wooden Birdhouses For Crafts Unfinished Natural Wood 5-Inches (6 Styles) For Finches and Songbirds Heavy Duty For Inside or Outside
  • 6 Wooden birdhouses to paint. Pixiss brand unfinished natural wood birdhouses. Approximately 5x5 inches.
  • The perfect craft project for adults and kids. Paint and decorate to hang outside or inside. Perfect For kids crafts, parties, table decor, wedding favors and more.
  • Each birdhouse is made of 1/4 inch wood. May need light sanding if you want a smooth surface.
  • Each birdhouse measures approximately 5x5". The wood is a light natural color that easily absorbs paint and stain. Easy to personalize and make your own.
  • The wood is easy to paint, stain and embellish. Add rhinestones, beads, decoupage, tiles. Create a wood burning masterpiece. Explore textures with mixed mediums. The options are endless to display your unique design.