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Artist Viewfinder and Color Checker Passport with Lanyard (Measures up to 31") – Pocket Color Wheel, Gray Scale Value Finder, White Balance Card for Camera Accessories for Photography

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Discover the perfect blend of artistic precision and convenience with our Artist Cards and View Catcher set. Designed with the passionate artist in mind, this collection is a must-have for both budding and seasoned creators. Our Artist Cards are more than just tools; they're a journey into the world of color. Dive deep into color theory with our pocket color wheel and gray scale value finder for artists. Effortlessly find primary hues and their complementary counterparts. The Pixiss View Finder card is an artist's dream for scene composition. It divides your view into sections, allowing for accurate proportions and a clearer understanding of the scene before you. Whether you're sketching a sunset or painting a portrait, these cards ensure your color choices are both vibrant and harmonious. Crafted from robust plastic, each 5x3" card is built to last. But that's not all. Our Artist Cards come with a 34" nylon lanyard, ensuring your essential tools are always within arm's reach. Measuring up to 31" or 80cm, this lanyard isn't just a holder; it's a convenient measuring tool, perfect for artists on the go. In addition to the pocket size photography cheat sheet cards, The Color Wheel Company provides the essence of true color and impeccable composition with the 3.5" x 3.5" ViewCatcher. Crafted from resilient ABS plastic, this tool is designed to withstand both time and elements. Its unique #5 gray hue aids artists in accurately judging value, while the central sight opening reveals the most authentic colors. With its adjustable opening, which can be set both horizontally and vertically, finding the perfect composition becomes a breeze. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artist, this ViewCatcher promises to be an indispensable companion on your artistic journey.