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Amazing Clear Cast Packs

2 Pack - 32 Ounce Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Resin, 40x Disposable Graduated Clear Plastic Cups, Pixiss Mixing Sticks Bundle.
  • 2-PACK ALUMILITE AMAZING CLEAR CAST: Easy to use and long lasting. Each 32oz package contains two 16 ounces bottles of clear coating and casting resin (mix portions out of each bottle together in order to create a casting). It is used to make extremely detailed designs out of your Amazing Putty mold or as a protective layer of furniture and more. Includes 16oz Part A and 16oz Part B. Made in USA.
  • 40 MEASURING CUPS: 20x 10oz (8oz markings) Solo Disposable Graduated Clear Plastic Cups With Measurement Readings. Perfect for mixing paint, stain, epoxy, resin and more.
  • 40 WOOD MIXING STICKS: 20x 6-inch Pixiss Stix Wood Mixing Sticks. Premium mixing sticks.