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AMACO Rub n Buff Wax Metallic Finish 3 Color KIt - Silver Leaf, Ebony, Gold Leaf - Versatile Gilding Wax for Finishing Furniture Antiquing and Restoration - Pixiss Chalk Furniture Paint Brushes

Elevate your crafting game with this collection of high-quality painting and waxing tools. The Rub N Buff Wax Metallic Finish tube is a tiny powerhouse, able to cover up to 20 sq feet with its blend of fine powders and carnauba wax. Apply it to a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, ceramic, and glass to achieve a smooth and glossy finish. For even more painting and waxing options, the PIxiss Chalk Brushes are perfect for chalk, milk, and other types of paint. Made of natural bristle boar hair, they come in both flat and rounded shapes with stiff bristles, ideal for furniture painting and wax application. The Furniture Paint Brush is another versatile tool that works with popular brands like Renaissance Wax, Minwax, and Folk Art Home Decor.

  • Rub N Buff Wax Metallic Finish - Crafted from a blend of fine powders and high-quality carnauba wax, this remarkable 15 ml tube packs a powerful punch. Despite its size, it's capable of covering up to 20 sq feet, giving you the ability to tackle multiple projects, regardless of their size. This versatile wax is easy to apply and buffs smoothly onto a wide range of surfaces including wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and beyond.
  • PIxiss Chalk Brushes - 2 chalk brushes for paint and wax, chalk, milk paint and more. Natural Bristle Boar Hair. Flat and rounded with stiff bristles perfect for applying chalk type paint on furniture or applying wax. Each brush is 6" in size.
  • Furniture Paint Brush - Perfect for chalked paint or wax brushes. Brushes work with renaissance wax, minwax, liming wax, Folk Art Home Decor, Rustoleum chalked paint and other popular brands.
  • Various Levels of Shine - Attain personalized levels of shine by adjusting the intensity of your buffing technique when using this wax. A light application will produce a subtle effect, while more vigorous burnishing will result in a brilliant, reflective finish. To obtain optimal results, use on surfaces that are porous.
  • Stunning Shades - Experience a spectrum of stunning shades with this metallic finish kit, which includes 15 ml (.5 oz) tubes of Gold Leaf, Grecian Gold, Antique Gold. With the Rub n Buff wax kit at your disposal, you'll have the power to adorn and enhance your craft projects, frames, and antiques.
  • Simple Application - Simply apply a small amount of the wax onto any surface using your fingertips or a soft cloth, and then delicately buff the area to achieve a stunning, polished finish.