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Aleene's Gloss Acrylic Sealer Spray (2-pack, 6oz.) with Attachable Spray Can Nozzle Handle - Sprayer and 2 Cans of Gloss Finish for Acrylic Painting - Clear, Glossy, Water Proof Spray Sealant

Discover the power of precision painting and coating as you wield this ergonomic sprayer can holder. Designed to seamlessly fit various spray can sizes and brands, this handle revolutionizes your crafting experience. No more finger strain or awkward grips – simply attach the handle and gain complete control, ensuring even coats every time. Say goodbye to overspray mishaps!

With two cans of 6 ounce Aleene's Glossy Finish Clear Acrylic Paint Sealant you can add a stunning, radiant touch to your creations. This clear glaze spray is great as a diamond art sealer or wood sealant thanks to being a gloss glue sealant spray. Along with Pixiss' Spray Paint Gun Handle, you can enhance your work with a professional luster.

Whether you're exploring the world of acrylic sealer gloss finish for automotive paint & paint supplies or for a waterproof spray for wood - this bundle empowers you to achieve effortless efficiency and exceptional elegance.

Aleene's Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer is a finishing spray that applies clear and dries glossy. It provides a glossy sheen that is weather resistant and durable enough to protect indoor and outdoor projects that include: laminating, woodworking, automotive paint, or other applications that call for a gloss sealer or clear lacquer spray. You can use this polyacrylic spray adhesive for crafts in a variety of other applications including: a chalk paint wax sealer or a paint sealer for acrylic painting.

With this bundle, you're investing in a world of creativity and endless possibilities. Trust the unparalleled quality of Aleenes Spray Sealant Waterproof Gloss and the game-changing innovation of the Pixiss Spray Gun Handle.

Elevate your creations, embrace precision painting and finishing. Achieve brilliance beyond comparison with this dynamic bundle and seize the chance to make your mark.

  • Practical Craftsmanship Bundle - Elevate your artistry with this 2pack of Aleene's acrylic sealer gloss finish in 6oz cans and easy-to-use Spray Can Holder from Pixiss.
  • Fits Like a Glove - You can seamlessly snap on Pixiss' spray can trigger handle to a spray can of many brands and sizes making it a great companion for spray varnish for acrylic paint or shellac spray
  • Flawless Finishes Without Fatigue - Our spray paint handle trigger features a comfortable grip that reduces discomfort, enables better control and fights overspray to achieve flawlessly even coats.
  • Aleene's Gloss (6oz.) - Achieve a durable and weatherproof glossy finish to protect your indoor or outdoor projects. Does well as a diamond painting sealer high gloss or waterproof spray for wood.
  • Versatile and Durable - Elevate your DIY game. Great for projects that call for a high gloss clear coat for an acrylic paint sealer for fixative spray.
  • Versatile Spray Glue for Crafts Bundle - This clear acrylic sealer is great for a variety of projects. With Pixiss' spray can holder, you can achieve more even coats with less fatigue.