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Alcohol Ink Blending Solution, Pixiss Blending Solution Tools, Pixiss Refill Bottles & Funnel

by Pixiss

Alcohol Ink Blending Solution (2-Ounce), Pixiss Alcohol Ink Blending Solution Tools, Pixiss Needle Tip Applicator and Refill Bottles and Funnel - Bundle for Yupo Paper and Resin.  

Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution, 2-Ounce.  

3x 20ml (0.68oz) semi-clear refillable applicator bottles with a needle tip for precision use. Flexible rubber cap fits tight over the applicator needle to keep your ink from drying out or spilling.  

1.5 inch plastic funnel for pouring the larger 4oz ounce alcohol ink in to smaller bottles.  

10 Pixiss Ink Blending Tools (5 different sizes). The foam tips are perfect for blending your inks on Yupo paper and more.  

Lighten, blend, and even remove alcohol ink with these tools.