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Acrylic Paint Pouring Kit - Floetrol Pouring Medium for Acrylic Paints, Cups, 16x 2-Ounce Acrylic Paints, 6x Canvases, Pixiss Acrylic Pouring Oil, Flower Strainer, Mixing Sticks, Complete Paint Pouring Kit

Get started with acrylic paint pouring. This kit includes everything you need to create your next masterpiece.

1 Quart Floetrol Additive
Square 5x5" canvases (6)
Pixiss Acrylic Paint 2oz (16)
Pixiss Pouring Oil (100 ml)
10 Ounce Graduated Solo Cups (20)
Pixiss Mixing Sticks (20)
Flower Strainer
  • 💎FLOETROL - 1 quart Floetrol additive (FLD6-04) by FLOOD/PPG. Fortifies acrylic and latex paints to improve performance and reduce brush marks. Allows latex paint to spray like oil-based paint.
  • 💎CANVASES - 3x medium weight primed 5" x 5" canvases for the perfect acrylic pouring trio. Acid free.
  • 💎ACRYLIC PAINTS - 16x Pixiss Acrylic 2-ounce bottles (Random Colors). 16 different colors give you many options to create your paint pouring art.
  • 💎PIXISS POURING OIL - 100ml/3.3oz Pixiss Acrylic Pouring Oil. Made of 100% silicone for the perfect cells every time. Pixiss pouring oil is fully compatible with any brand and type of art medium used in acrylic fluid art pouring. 1000 cSt Low-Med viscosity. Perfectly clear colorless. Will not alter the color of your acrylic paint pouring projects. NON-TOXIC - Non-toxic and odorless. No additives, solvents or propellants. 100% pure silicone.
  • 💎EVERYTHING YOU NEED - 10x 10oz graduated Solo cups with measurements, 20x Pixiss mixing sticks, 3 Paint Strainers, 3 Pairs of gloves, and paint accessories