1 Quart Flood Floetrol Additive, 16 2-Ounce Acrylic Paints, 20x 6-inch Pixiss Wood Mixing Sticks

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  • FLOETROL - 1 quart Floetrol additive (FLD6-04) by FLOOD/PPG. Fortifies acrylic and latex paints to improve performance and reduce brush marks. Allows latex paint to spray like oil-based paint.
  • ACRYLIC PAINTS - 16 Darice 2oz acrylic paints. Provides a wide variety of colors.
  • COLORS - Acrylic paint colors include: Black, Bright Yellow, Grey, Bright Blue, Orange, Purple, Apple Tart, Ocean Breeze, Navy, Aqua, Holiday Green, Light Pink, Bright Red, White, Golden Brown and Espresso.
  • PIXISS MIXING STICKS - 20x Pixiss Stix Mixing Sticks for mixing your resin, stain, epoxy, paint and more.