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Moon light inspired Night Light | DIY

Moon light inspired Night Light | DIY

Moon Inspired Night Light 

What you will need 

-Translucent alcohol ink paper

-alcohol inks


-card stock paper 

-nightlight with an on/off switch

-glue/double sided tape

Step one: to create the moon

-drop/blend/create a moon with the three colors: white, ash, and coco. 

Tip: to create dimension start with a white base, and add ash and coco (not too much so you don't over power the white) let ink dry 10/15 seconds in between to create layers of colors. 

Step two: cutting the moon

- you can use any circle shape that you have available to trace a circle. Just make sure it is the same height of your night light or a little bigger (your goal is to hide the light) 

Step four: cutting the mounting frame 

-take any cardstock paper and trace your moon. 

-before you cut, draw two tabs on the top and bottom of your circle (these will be taped on the top and bottom of your night light) 

-cut the outline of your circle including the tabs

-cut the inside hallow (for the light to come through 

Step five: 

Glue (or double side tape) the moon to the frame and cut off excess trim 

Step six: finish it up! 

-the tabs you cut will mount onto the plastic part of your nightlight, the top and bottom. Make sure you buy the nightlight with the on/off switch! 


Check out the YouTube video for more details! 

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